Will Iran Fall?

National Security Adviser John Bolton believes that the Iranian regime is on “shaky ground.” He also stated that they are “bluffing” on their threats to block the Strait of Hormuz.

Bolton stated, “Our policy is not regime change. We want to put unprecedented pressure on the government of Iran to change its behavior. So far they’ve shown no indication they’re prepared to do that. The president has made it clear repeatedly that he viewed the Iran nuclear deal as one of the worst in American diplomatic history. I thought he was right on target on that. We won’t allow Iran to get nuclear weapons.”

When discussing protests in Iran, Bolton stated, “Well look, we know basically what we’re seeing in the press, that these are widespread, they’re spontaneous, they are not coordinating and not due to the reimposition of American sanctions. They reflect longstanding opposition inside Iran to the regime, to the economic deprivation, to the repression, to the religious intolerance. I think this regime is on very shaky ground. The real question is whether the Revolutionary Guards Corp and ayatollahs will use force against their own people. We’re focused on the nuclear weapons program, the support for terrorism, ballistic missiles and the belligerent activity militarily. ”