Will Iran Fall?

National Security Adviser John Bolton believes that the Iranian regime is on “shaky ground.” He also stated that they are “bluffing” on their threats to block the Strait of Hormuz.

Bolton stated, “Our policy is not regime change. We want to put unprecedented pressure on the government of Iran to change its behavior. So far they’ve shown no indication they’re prepared to do that. The president has made it clear repeatedly that he viewed the Iran nuclear deal as one of the worst in American diplomatic history. I thought he was right on target on that. We won’t allow Iran to get nuclear weapons.”

When discussing protests in Iran, Bolton stated, “Well look, we know basically what we’re seeing in the press, that these are widespread, they’re spontaneous, they are not coordinating and not due to the reimposition of American sanctions. They reflect longstanding opposition inside Iran to the regime, to the economic deprivation, to the repression, to the religious intolerance. I think this regime is on very shaky ground. The real question is whether the Revolutionary Guards Corp and ayatollahs will use force against their own people. We’re focused on the nuclear weapons program, the support for terrorism, ballistic missiles and the belligerent activity militarily. ”

  • Angelika K Griffin

    IF they were “smart” they would stand down, BUT they are NOT, never have been, NEVER will be……..!!!!

  • R Palmer

    Keep pray & Hope they stand down!—it up to Demons!

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Islam has a stranglehold on that nation. To them to remove these oligarchs is tantamount to blasphemy, it can happen, but it will take all the people to break their religious leaders power.

    • Aba Nde

      Yes. The Ayatolah is viewed as a god. Even the God of Heaven is not so reverred like the ayatollah.

    • Aba Nde

      The Oligarch has deceived all Iranians into believing the Ayatollah is a god.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        Interesting, but I know that the god serve kills the innocent and those that revere the Creator they seem to think they have to wipe out. You might find this interesting, the original Hebrew has thousands of coded messages that depict occurrences that have happened long after they were written. The original scriptures of the Old Testament were meticulously copied that if there was a mistake they would tare it up and start over. The Murder of a Russian Diplomat was there, the massacre at the Homosexual Bar, Twin Towers and on and on. Only the true God could have put these in a book inspired by 44 writers. As events of major proportions occur those who understand Hebrew find them encoded through Equidistant Letter Sequences. One atheist attempted to mimick this by finding in English a code about Hanukkah in “Moby Dick:” but I think God had a good laugh at this Atheist. We are not talking about translations bu the original. As you may know Hanukkah was the 8th Feast celebrating one day of oil specifically made for the lamp stand in the temple to last 8 days. It is talking about the light of the world. That is why I thought it was humorous that this Atheist found that i in a English book and this was the only one he ever found outside of the Old Testament. In Isaiah chapters 52 to 55, Yacob Rambsel, a messianic Jew found the names of all the Apostles, and many persons mentioned at the time of the Crucifixion. His books may still be available on line. Of course many have written books on this but there is also an anacdote to this, that of Bible NUmerics as Ivan Panin called them, and or Dell Washburn who wrote two books on what he called Theomatics which is a reference to the Gymatria. Certain words have certain numeric values which in reference to the Greek New Testament helps in determining which Greek words should be used that are correct. You have the code and you have the numerics which no other book does what the Bible does.

  • jumper

    Fueled by religious fanaticism the leaders will have to be eradicated for any change.

  • Ken

    Iran has been a bad actor for a very long time. The agreement that O reached with them was criminal. It put lots of money in the hands of the worlds worst sponsor of terrorism.