Will Kasich Run In 2020?

Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) told CNN recently he was keeping his options open to a possible run for the 2020 presidential elections.

Kasich stated, “I don’t know what I’m going to do but all options are on the table both for me in my private, professional life but I want to keep a voice because I think it’s important, whether it’s trade, immigration and, by the way, have we forgotten the dreamers, the DACA, the young people who came here? They’re not even in the news anymore.”

  • Leonard Collings

    Go back to the swamp and stay there.


    Gee golly darn, we must have forgot about the illegals….how foolish of us not to keep illegals at the top of the priority list. This idiot will lose again, badly, if he tries. Get lost pee-wee K-sick and take those marbles out of your mouth too!

  • Rodney

    Oh John boy! If you run, it would be best to choose a different party. The dem’s seem to prefer losers, try them.

  • Buckeye conservative

    Until about two years ago I supported Kasich both in the polling booth and financially. No longer. He’s gone off the rail. Sure, he’ll run – – everybody knows that but he’ll lose even before he gets started. Goodby Kasich, go get a nice cushy job as a consultant or University President and enjoy everyone calling you “Governor”.

  • Patriot

    He needs to run on the PROPER party, he is a full-fledged democrat

  • notalib

    John, I’m voting for Trump. NOT you, no one else. Don’t muddy the water. My opinion is that you would just money, time and effort that could go to Trump. Me, Conservative voting Republican. I’d never vote Democrat. Only vote Republican because there is no one else. It is time to shuffle the Republican deck. RINO’s aren’t the answer.

  • harley93

    Why would this idiot run, he only won his own state; the reason-BIG EGO. The guy a J.O..

  • American Patriot

    Kasich Sanders might take you as his VP? Your day, week, month, and year is over. Get lost loser!

  • Christopher Tabin

    let’s hope to god he doesn’t!

  • Rick

    He really has done a lot for the Ohio economy. His claim to fame is he has the largest
    stockpile of Abrams Tanks filling Lima to the hilt. More than any place in the world. Way to
    go John. That’s what we need more flame throwers in DC. I. I. I. I. Remembering your campaign
    topics I. I. I. and nothing more

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Who’s john kasich?

  • rottenrollin

    KEEP THAT L O S E R in Ohio.

  • Martin Moon

    I am from Ohio, and I listen to Gov.Kasich SOS speech last night. It was very well thought out. I truly believe, that he is a man of “moral conviction” and values. I do not share his empathy where dreamers, and DACA are concern. Their grandparents and parents, and greedy landowners in this country all created this immigration nightmare, and they unfortunately are obvious casualties of this. I think the bigger issue, is the refusal to assimilate to American mainstream, and adapting to entitlements that are normally reserve naturalized citizens who by the way are already grossly abusing this welfare system at the chagrin of the abiding taxpayers. Ironically, the last person that anyone talks about anymore, with any degree of appreciation or regard is the “backbone of this country, the blue collar middle class”. Which by the way I am a proud member of. Today I am sicken and sad at what I see happening around me. Bottom line, Yes, I believe the Mr. Kasich should run for president come 2020. This is just what I believe. God bless America! But, we have lost are way. Very sad.

    • rs1123

      I was with you til the end of your comment. I cannot support anyone who has ’empathy’ for people here illegally.

  • claws67639

    Depends on them letting him out of the asylum for the election!

  • W. Coyote

    Kasich in a rational, stable guy. The problem is there aren’t enough rational Republicans left to support such a candidate.

  • rs1123

    Kasich is a RINO. He honestly thinks he’s gonna beat Trump for the nomination? Not unless Mueller finds something and at this point it looks like what it has been all along, a witch hunt. Sorry John, stay in Ohio.

  • Steve

    Kasich is a highly paid , NWO , co-hort of anti-American g. soros – part of soros’s criminal network !

  • cathylovesyou

    John K you’ll never get the go, you burned your bridges with your rhetoric. Take if from me, I liked you thought you did a great job in Ohio, did a lousy job campaigning and got to liberal for me. I you ran I would vote against you. Hang it up as Romney should. Now he is going to me a pain in the butt as a Senator, after all he is MCCain younger brother. Go be a Democrat and take your phony friend with you

  • Robert Meyers

    I would suggest he run for dog catcher, but I like dogs.

  • Talk about stupid questions,Kasich wouldn’t get elected as dog-catcher, His tenure as governor of Ohio speaks for itself,crime rate etc. I believe his stupidity is revealed in his belief that he has the logistical intelligence to be president…he doesn’t !

  • Bruce Kellar

    This is a national joke. Ol John should be banned from public office because he is so strange. Then he gets hooked up with Hickenlooper who is even stranger still. At least they could run in both parties at the same time.

  • h8aliar

    HIs dad was a mailman so that make him just like you and every other US Citizen and therefore he should be president and give the country away to the special deserving people who can not manage to stay in their country and fight to change it, when they can come here and old John will give them the store. Pitiful excuse for a leader. go away Johnny.

  • Albert L Biele

    John Kasich is not electable. His anti-Trump sentiment has and will continue to be a lose-lose proposition. Trump has brought prosperity back to the US, created 2 million jobs, has raised our GDP from 1 to 3.4%, dramatically increased the employment rate for blacks and Latino’s, reduced taxes, to benefit of the working class, while at the same time, lowered the corporate tax rate to bring big business back to the US…notwithstanding, contributing to the greatest move in stock-market history and more. With all the deceit and fake news spewed out by the liberal news media, Trumps goals, to make America great again, remains unstoppable; Talking about policies of-for-and by the people…it doesn’t get better.

  • Charlie

    Gov. John Kasich made a big enough buffoon of himself during the last POTUS cycle . Perhaps it’s time to retire from public servitude for times have changed and the ” good old boys & girls club ” ( the swamp ) has already done enough damage to our nation

  • Timothy Strang

    I certainly hope not

  • dominke

    John has always been a traitor and always thought the Republican Party was his. When in congress he thought government could not run without him. He always took credit for everything that other did. John would not be allowed to look at my dog.

  • William Merrell

    this three time loser should go home (but not back to Pittsburgh, we do not want another rino here).

  • melsbrew

    Kasich is an Establishment RINO and has no good message to share. He continues to repeat his past experience which is nothing to brag about. If he ran, he would be setting himself up for failure.

  • higgy01

    How cares! The way he is ranting and raving by the election he should in an asylum for the mentally deranged.

  • Ako keng

    Stop the establishment
    We must awaken from ignorance
    We need logical thinking

    Globalist =New World Order = Immigration Agenda = Mass Migration is a Tool of the NWO = New World Order Tyranny

    New World Order Tyranny

    NWO Pretending “Hunt on Illegal Refugees” while Chasing Muslims into EU and US by Wars and Open Borders

    Mass Migration is a Tool of the NWO

    Immigration Agenda: New World Order Tyranny

    Globalist = New World Order