Witness Clemson Coach Explain How National Title Was Won With God

Clemson Tigers coach Dabo Swinney was full of praise for God after beating Alabama’s Crimson Tide. He shared how the strength of belief helped his team to victory.

“Dabo, there are few coaches in any sport who show more joy than you do,” Tom Rinaldi asked for ESPN. “How do you describe the joy of the moment?”

“Well that’s been my word all year, and I tried to be intentional with that, for me personally, joy comes from focusing on Jesus, others and yourself,” a jubilant Swinney replied.

“There’s so many great coaches that are so deserving of a moment like this that never get the chance to experience it, and to do it once and now to get to do it again,” he continued, “it’s a blessing, and it’s just simply the grace of the good Lord to let us experience something like this!”

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“All the credit, all the glory, goes to the good Lord!” Swinney shouted.

“And number two, to these young people,” he added. “When you get a young group of people that believe, are passionate, they love each other, they sacrifice, they’re committed to a singleness of purpose, you better look out, great things can happen, and that’s what you saw tonight!”

“Hey listen I hope you get a little hope from us a little inspiration that, hey if we can do it, anybody can do it!” Swinney declared. 

“I said this two years ago, I mean, you can’t write a Hollywood script like this, only God can do this! And that’s a fact!” he continued. “And people may think I’m crazy or quacky whatever, only God can orchestrate this, no Hollywood producer can write it!”

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