Yankees Just Trolled Trump-Basher LeBron James

LeBron James, the NBA superstar who thinks Americans “was” uneducated when they voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, has just been epically trolled by the New York Yankees organization.

Here’s the deal: LeBron obviously plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers currently, but he’s also from Akron and sometimes a “big” fan of Ohio sports teams (even the Browns). James showed up to a few World Series games in Cleveland last year when the Indians eventually lost in seven to the Chicago Cubs.

However, LeBron has also shown in the past that he’s a fan of the Yankees (and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys).

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source: https://www.youngcons.com/the-new-york-yankees-just-trolled-trump-basher-lebron-james-with-1-legendary-tweet/

  • Dickens10

    We “was”, “was” we?? What a laugh. Since he is in the NBA, I have to presume he has at least SOME college education. Well, maybe not, considering what college has become these days. Obviously, English comp classes were not required of him.

    • Coonass

      He went straight to the Pros from high school. He’s been socially promoted his “hole ignunt” life.Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dickens10

        That shouldn’t be allowed. They should have to go through college. Eighteen is just to young to be in that world. I know, I know they just let them walk through and teach them nothing but that’s not so different from the Liberal Arts majors or the altered history they are teaching now. This guy strikes me as not the brightest bulb in the box and kids look up to him. Lord help us all.

    • Andrew Molina

      They obtain their degrees in parks & recreation or sports medicine where their workout times count as credits toward their degree. It’s like a drive-thru window. Anybody whom heeds these elitists garbage mouths is one themselves

    • thusaf

      He went from high school to NBA, so he basically has no education, having spent a third of his days on a bb court.

  • Sweet willy

    ebonics in action.

  • Joan Carboni

    Why is the opinion of a ball player,no matter how good or bad of a player they may be, worth anything more than that of the box boy at the supermarket? The same for any “so called” celebrity.

    • Jmanjo

      The only reason anyone pays any attention to their opinions is because of the media! The nation as a whole needs to clean that industry up!

  • phenry

    James doesn’t even know what the protest is about. He also can’t provide one example of modern oppression of blacks by whites. Definitely not in NBA or NFL.
    There are many successful blacks in all types of business industries. I invite lebron to investigate the actual facts and history of who oppressed the blacks and which political party still oppresses them by promising free benefits in exchange for their votes. The simple fact is that the kkk was the intimidating arm of the democrats just as antifa is today. Violence and destruction are their tools since they are unable to win or have a debate about real life and economics in this country.
    Another basic fact is that African slave owners were the first ones to sell their own people as slaves to other nations as part of business and trade. Nearly every country has had slaves or still engages in slavery, yet America was the first country to abolish the degrading practice.
    There is also no white privilege. There is more evidence of arabic privilege today as the terrorist groups from the Middle East can not be insulted, questioned or criticized.

  • Danny S.

    Must be nice to live in the land of the free for Lebron. Get up in the morning put your sneakers on ! Ready for work.
    It is obvious Lebron hangs out with friends who parrot the GHETTO THEME SONG.
    Some say you can pay a man millions of dollars and he can buy anything he wishes but in the end you can’t take the ghetto out of them.

  • rs1123

    NBA players’ IQ’s are measured at 1 IQ point per inch of height. So, at 7 feet 4 the IQ would be 88.

    • gimpy

      Way too high, it’s the same as their shoe size.

      • Tuxedo_Plowboy

        So his shoe size is bigger than his IQ!!!!!

        • muymalo


  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    James is a brainwashed black college fool who is also a black supremacist who does not even know the truth about American history. A prime example of how colleges and the Democrat party will not let the race card die. Now pro sports are being used to fuel the false narrative of racism by the Democrat party and it’s medias to keep the nation divided and the black people voting for them. Sad way to have to run a political party but it has worked in the past. I do not respect this man. His talents have made him rich and he just snubs his nose at the very nation that has done him and many others far more than they would ever even think about giving back. The man could in no way debate his stance with anyone educated with the facts, because he knows no facts, or truths.

    My bad, the kid did not go to college.

  • A. Jay

    They follow each other around like a heard of cattle, what one does the others have to try also. Was this genius named after a Chrysler product?

  • Arnold Young

    If his English is any indication of his intelligence his English teacher really messed it up!

  • Dennis Murray

    none of these players can come up with one example of proof of oppression. someone feed them a line of shit.

    • Luis D. Rey

      Dennis, thanks,
      You are so right,
      He is a Diablo from the African Jungles, lol..

  • Luis D. Rey

    What is it what this Ugly Gorilla is saying?
    He is no Michael Jordan, not even Stephen (Trump hater) Curry, for God’s sake !!
    See how bad he and his team looked in the NBA Finals !!

  • rick meek

    Draft the POS and send him to Afghanistan…….