Yankees Just Trolled Trump-Basher LeBron James

LeBron James, the NBA superstar who thinks Americans “was” uneducated when they voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, has just been epically trolled by the New York Yankees organization.

Here’s the deal: LeBron obviously plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers currently, but he’s also from Akron and sometimes a “big” fan of Ohio sports teams (even the Browns). James showed up to a few World Series games in Cleveland last year when the Indians eventually lost in seven to the Chicago Cubs.

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However, LeBron has also shown in the past that he’s a fan of the Yankees (and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys).

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source: https://www.youngcons.com/the-new-york-yankees-just-trolled-trump-basher-lebron-james-with-1-legendary-tweet/

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