First Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Announced – Financial Scandal Exposed

House Republicans have made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing that the first impeachment inquiry hearing into President Biden is set to take place this week. Led by Chairman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee, the hearing aims to scrutinize all evidence uncovered in the investigation into the financial dealings of the Biden family.

Accusations of President Biden utilizing his public office for the financial benefit of his family have prompted this inquiry. A substantial amount of evidence, encompassing financial records, communications, and whistleblower testimonies, has been unearthed, indicating Joe Biden’s involvement in leveraging his position for family enrichment.

Chairman Comer underscored the imperative nature of the impeachment inquiry, asserting that the American people are entitled to transparency and accountability regarding the alleged abuse of public office. The hearing will see experts like Bruce Dubinsky and Eileen O’Connor testifying on the Bidens’ possible criminal activities.

The Biden administration has labeled the inquiry as an “evidence-free” probe and a diversionary tactic by House Republicans. This development signifies a pivotal moment in the investigation, with the hearing set to draw significant attention and shape political narratives. Read the original story here.